Reference | LKOS Law Office assisted Laite.AI in establishment of a non-restricted equity capital fund (SVOP fund)

Background | A non-restricted equity capital fund (SVOP fund)

An invested non-restricted equity capital fund (“SVOP fund”) is a balance sheet item in the accounts of a Finnish limited liability company. Under the principles of the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006) it’s understood as the company’s non-restricted equity. The reserves invested in the SVOP fund relates to investments made in the company or profits made by the company. Therefore, shareholders can distribute funds from the SVOP fund investment.

Normally a shareholder or other third party may make an investment in the SVOP fund. In most cases, the SVOP investment is made by the company’s shareholder. Due to taxation reasons no interest is normally remunerated to the SVOP investment.

About Laite.AI | Start-up | Strengthening of equity

Laite.AI is a Finnish start-up offering mobile game and app companies a solution that allows to run real-time machine learning algorithms on customer devices without user data ever leaving the device. The company’s mission is “Privacy by design is possible”. Laite.AI offers a possibility of making real-time on device predictions and produce the right content at the right time in a privacy conscious way.

Their solution is based on the cutting-edge AI innovation – Federated Learning. It creates hyper-personalised experiences without extra costs. Federated Learning functions on the approach of bringing the code to the data, instead of the data to the code. That way any of the machine learning is run on the end user’s devices and only weights are aggregated centrally. Laite.AI’s target audience is small and medium companies that create apps in Education, Health and Fitness, Entertainment and Social spaces, as well as Games companies.

Since LKOS Law Office has always been working closely with companies creating high value to their clients, we are happy and excited that such high-end AI innovation creator has chosen us as their legal advisor on corporate law matters.

We appreciate the corporate and business law knowledge of LKOS Law Office. They provide business-savvy advice by pointing out possible issues that should be reviewed when business decision is made. That creates extra value to the client which we appreciate a lot,” says Oleg Shadrunov from Laite.AI Oy.

Laite.AI successfully strengthened its equity by establishing a non-restricted equity capital fund (SVOP fund).

LKOS Law Office | The Team

The LKOS Law Office team responsible of establishing a non-restricted equity capital fund (SVOP fund) to the client was led by Specialist Partner Oscari Seppälä.

LKOS Law Office is specialised in business law services. We advise our client companies to overcome their current legal challenges and to succeed in their business. Our office has been selected e.g., Finland’s transport law office of 2021. We are known for business-savvy advice regarding company law, corporate law, employment law, international trade, contract law as well as on advising on all aspects of transportation law. In addition, we assist in dispute resolution as well as represent our clients before the court.

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