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Transport law | Maritime law and NewLaw concept

LKOS Law Office is a boutique business law office established in Helsinki, Finland. We are specialised in transport law and maritime law. Our service promise is that we differ from other business law offices by way of providing customer orientated services. This is because by offering individual, business orientated and trustworthy legal services we exceed our client’s expectations.

We are specialised in the following business law services Contract-, Company-, Transport-, Maritime-, international trade– and labour law. Further to this, we regularly litigate and advise clients on dispute resolution matters. To us the above indicated legal services mean business law.

About our NewLaw -concept within Transport law

NewLaw in our case means a new way to provide legal advice, because we want to differ from other law offices which use old and nowadays ineffective way to provide legal services. Under our NewLaw concept, we provide various pricing methods and retainer paying models based on the needs of a client. In our service model the client is in the centre. Based on the requirements of the client we provide our services.

NewLaw by its name is a new way to provide high quality, individually tailored business law services to the client. By adopting the concept, we have been in a position to better serve and provide business law legal services to a wider amount of different size companies. Above all we can easily scale our legal service offerings based on the current and future needs of the client. This is due to the fact that we get to know and understand our clients. By this way we can satisfy clients’ changing demands for business law services all the time. We understand that the needs of the client for business law services change constantly. This is in line with changes in their business field.

Especially our NewLaw -concept suits middle size and smaller companies. Our NewLaw -concept secures that smaller companies receive high quality business law advice in affordable price for them. By this way we can secure that the client contacts and returns to us when further advice is required. Contact us and we will be pleased to tell you in more detail about our service concept.

We focus on our strengths | Shipping law

By focusing on our special knowledge i.e. transport and maritime law we secure that our business law services are of high quality and surpass our client’s preliminary expectations. While we provide business law services to our clients they can focus on their business and grow. By this way we exempt valuable time to our clients. We are proud that our clients don’t need to lose sleep to succeed.

Our Partners have decade long experience in advising domestic and foreign public listed companies as well as middle size and start-up companies. We frequently advise on legal matters related to Finland and Baltic states legal matters.

We benefit from the fact that our lawyers have first-hand experience in running own business as well as several years practical experience of working as in-house lawyer (Legal Advisor) in a company. Therefore, our legal advice is business orientated and we understand our client’s business. Further, we speak Finnish, English, Latvian and Russian languages.

About us | LKOS Law Office

We are a high-quality boutique business law office. We provide services to foreign and domestic public listed as well as rapidly growing companies. Our NewLaw -concept secures that we can serve all of our clients individually and by way of exceeding their preliminary expectations. We are a reliable partner in rapidly changing business environment.

In case you are interested in hearing more about our services and personnel, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or visit LKOS Law Office webpage for further information. We practice maritime law and transport law in Finland. Head of our transport, shipping and maritime law practise is a member of the Finnish Maritime Law Association.

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