Privacy Policy (26.2.2015)

Privacy Policy (26.2.2015)

We Care Your Privacy

If you do not agree with this privacy statement, do not use our products and services or provide LKOS Law Office Ltd (abbreviation ”LKOS”) with your personal data.

At LKOS, we understand that protecting the privacy of guests and visitors to our webpage is very important and that information regarding legal issues can be particularly sensitive. Therefore, we have taken necessary steps to meet data privacy requirements.   

This privacy statement related to the LKOS (.fi, .com and .lv) webpage services (“Privacy Statement”) provides you with general information on the processing of your personal data by LKOS and its employees and partners related to this webpage. Please read this privacy statement carefully prior to accessing further to the webpage. If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement, we expect you to leave the webpage.

User’s Data Protection and Data Security

LKOS is committed to protect your privacy and personal data. LKOS processes your personal data, if any, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1050/2018) and other applicable personal data legislation.

Processing of Personal Data

Generally, you can visit the LKOS webpage without entering any personal information. On certain parts of the webpage, you may be asked to provide personal information and/or sign up for the service in order to access a service that you have requested.

LKOS will process your personal data collected through the webpage in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable law. Should the processing of your personal data be based on your consent, you may at any time revoke your consent. As processing of your personal data is necessary for us to be able to provide you with our webpage services and products, revoking your consent may lead to a situation where we or our service provider cannot provide you with some or all of the services and products requested. The webpage is technically divided into separate sections some of which may require us to collect more personal data of our webpage visitors while some may be used without processing any personal data.

The purpose of LKOS’s processing of personal data is to ensure as efficient and secure data processing as practicable. In addition, LKOS seeks to develop time to time the webpage for a better quality and broader scope of services.

Once you register, if required, at the webpage or have otherwise been assigned a specific identification code to access your accounts, we may request that you provide certain information. The purpose in collecting this information is to provide customized services and content meeting your specific needs and interests.