LKOS Law Office’s credit rating | Highest possible 2016-2022

LKOS Law Office awarded with highest possible credit rating in Finland

LKOS Law Office Oy’s highest possible credit rating, the Platinum level, indicates positive financial figures, creditworthiness as well as the company’s strong financial position. This means that cooperation with us is on a sustainable basis and we are a reliable partner to work with. The platinum certificate is only awarded to a company whose Rating Alfa credit rating has been AAA or AA+ for at least three consecutive years. The certificate is granted to few − only 12% of Finnish companies meet the certificate’s strict criteria. The Certificate is awarded by Asiakastieto which among others rates corporates based on their financial position.

Statement of LKOS Law Office

“Our company has grown and expanded in recent years, regardless of economic uncertainty and the pandemic. As a family business, we are proud that our financial position is strong and we can develop our operations from strong starting points in the future. Thanks for this goes to our customers and stakeholders, with whom we work every day to exceed their expectations. From here is good to continue on our growth path” states Partner Liene Krumina from LKOS Law Office.

About us | LKOS Law Office | A leading business law service provider in Finland

LKOS Law Office regularly assists its clients in Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate law and Transport law matters. We are a reliable and internationally awarded business law office and one of the strongest financially in our industry. You can get more information about this topic and our services by contacting our experts by email or by phone (+358 40 672 4285).

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