LKOS Law Office – Transport Law Firm of the Year in Finland – 2021

Recognition to LKOS Law Office | Transport Law Firm of the Year in Finland 2021

LKOS Law Office has been ranked as the Transport Law Firm of the Year in Finland 2021 by the Global Law Experts Annual Awards as well as Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award – The Leading Professional Expert Recogniser Publications. These recognitions are continuum for our past top tier rankings.

The publications are made to recognise specialist legal advisers for the services required by businesses, investors and individuals around the world.

We are very excited about this recognition, which shows that we continue to be one of the leading Transport and Logistics law firms in Finland.

Our experts are to assist and provide the best possible legal knowledge to your case. Moreover, our team takes care of and provides precise, practical and simple answers to complex legal matters, which allows our clients to concentrate on their business and succeed. Consequently, our clients don’t need to lose sleep to succeed.

We are known for business-savvy counseling and practical advice. Therefore, when you are in need for practical and well thought solutions related to business or transport law matters, we are at your service.


About us | LKOS Law Office

LKOS Law Office is a specialist in business and transport law. Our office is internationally recognised. We are specialised in Corporate and Company law, Labor law, International Trade law, Contract law as well as Transport law. We are a Transport Law Firm of the Year in Finland 2021. The firm is a top tier business law office.

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