Liene Krumina in An Hour With A Manager Podcast

Announcement: 📣 Upcoming Podcast Featuring LKOS Law Office Partner Liene Krumina 🌟

We are excited to announce 📢 that on January 29th, LKOS Law Office Partner, Liene Krumina, will be a special guest on the enlightening podcast series “An Hour With A Manager” 🎙️. This episode promises to deliver insightful discussions 🤝, shedding light on crucial aspects of sustainability from a legal standpoint. Key topics to be explored include:

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a legal expert on some of the most pressing issues facing businesses today. Tune in on January 29th to “An Hour With A Manager” 🎧 for an enlightening discussion with Liene Krumina. This episode is for anyone interested in the intersection of law and sustainable business practices. Liene Krumina in An Hour With A Manager podcast.

Stay informed, stay ahead 🌟

Link for the event here.

Contact our expert, Liene Krumina in the subject area. We will be happy to tell you more about our expertise. We can successfully solve your challenges related to green transition and business law.

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