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Environmentally friendly business law services. Green values ​​and responsibility are at the centre of our business. For this reason, the focus of our operations as well as our strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality in terms of energy consumption in our business by 2030. This goal partly corresponds to the goal of the Paris climate agreement. Our mission is based on a scientific assessment and we aim for actions to limit the increase in the average temperature of the earth to 1.5 °C in relation to pre-industrial times.

LKOS Law Office’s responsibility goals | Green transition

Sustainable services

We want to offer responsible and environmentally friendly business law services. Our goal is to be a leading service provider in our industry regarding providing responsible business law services.

An expert in the green transition

We support and advise our customers in successful and practical implementation of the green transition. We enable a successful green transition for our customers.

Social responsibility

We participate in Pro Bono work within the resources of our office. Furthermore, we comply with the applicable law affecting our operations and confirm our assignments after we have confirmed our customers’ backgrounds (KYC). We act in a way that supports the values ​​and goals of our surrounding community.

We act for the environment | Our responsibility concretely | Environmentally friendly business law services

Environmentally friendly business law services – what concrete steps we have taken? We have reduced our CO2 emissions by an estimated 8,000 kg/year in 2021, by changing the heating method of our premises to geothermal heat.

As for our offices, the goal of their energy efficiency program is to save the property’s energy and reduce the carbon footprint in cooperation with all users of the property. The long-term goal is to reduce total energy consumption by 20% by 2030 compared to the 2016-2018 average. In addition, the goal is to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 in terms of energy consumption during use.

Part of the aforementioned actions are also a reaction to the goal “fit for 55” set by the EU in July 2021. With it, the EU aims for Europe to be climate neutral by 2050 – the first continent to do so. The emission reduction target in the EU is 55%.

Personal development and supporting lifelong learning

We invest in training and expertise of our personnel. One example of this is the participation of the personnel in Aalto University’s MBA program. Such training enables our office to develop and grow sustainably in the future. Participating in the program demonstrates our genuine commitment to the long-term development and learning of our personnel. By this way we can provide truly business orientated legal services to our clients.

Pro Bono work

As a responsible actor, we also enable Pro Bono work to secure and enable social equality.

War in Ukraine

We strongly condemn Russia’s attack and military aggression in Ukraine. It is a violation of international law and an attack on the rule of law principle. Therefore, we are also committed to the sanctions that are placed to Russia.

Responsibility in our operations | Environmentally friendly business law services

The responsibility of our operations is reflected in following actions:

– When advising and informing our customers (see above the LKOS Law Office’s responsibility goals)

– On our impact on our surrounding society (see above Social responsibility)

– About the general responsibility of our office (see above We act for the environment)

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